Laura Fink

I'm a PhD Student under the supervision of Marc Stamminger at the Chair of Visual Computing of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany in cooperation with Fraunhofer IIS.

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My main research is in the fields of computer graphics, vision, and machine learning. Next to my primary PhD topic on real-time neural rendering, I'm interested in light field displays and rendering. First author papers are highlighted.

LiveNVS: Neural View Synthesis on Live RGB-D Streams
Laura Fink, Darius Rückert, Linus Franke, Joachim Keinert, Marc Stamminger
SIGGRAPH Asia, 2023
project page / paper / video / code

Novel view synthesis on live RGB-D streams with feedback during capturing, robust to slam loop closures.

VET: Visual Error Tomography for Point Cloud Completion and High-Quality Neural Rendering
Linus Franke, Darius Rückert, Laura Fink, Matthias Innmann, Marc Stamminger
SIGGRAPH Asia, 2023
project page / paper / video / code

Improving point-based novel view synthesis quality by completing point cloud with 3D error volumes from 2D error maps.

Inovis: Instant Novel View Synthesis
Mathias Harrer* Linus Franke*, Laura Fink, Marc Stamminger, Tim Weyrich
SIGGRAPH Asia, 2023
project page / paper / video / code

Point-based novel view synthesis without per scene preprocessing or training using neural image based rendering. (* Joint first authors.)

Efficient Rendering for Light Field Displays using Tailored Projective Mappings
Laura Fink, Svenja Strobel, Linus Franke, Marc Stamminger
Proceedings of the ACM on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, 2023
paper / presentation / code

Rendering only relevant fragments for parallax-based light field displays through device-tailored projection matrices.

UniTorch-Integrating Neural Rendering into Unity
Laura Fink, Daniel Keitel, Marc Stamminger, Joachim Keinert
International Symposium on Visual Computing, 2023

Discussion and use-case study on the integration of neural rendering into the Unity game engine.

Time‐Warped Foveated Rendering for Virtual Reality Headsets
Linus Franke, Laura Fink, Jana Martschinke, Kai Selgrad, Marc Stamminger
Computer Graphics Forum (CGF), 2021
Presented (virtually) at Eurographics Vienna 2021
paper / presentation / supplemental material

Foveated Rendering via temporal forward reprojection for fast, imperceptible VR rendering.

Lumipath–towards real-time physically-based rendering on embedded devices
Laura Fink, Sing Chun Lee, Jie Ying Wu, Xingtong Liu, Tianyu Song, Yordanka Velikova, Marc Stamminger, Nassir Navab, and Mathias Unberath
MICCAI, 2019
paper / code

Spherical lightfield rendering based on Fibonacci point sets for immersive AR.

Hybrid Mono-Stereo Rendering in Virtual Reality
Laura Fink, Nora Hensel and Daniela Markov-Vetter, Christoph Weber and Oliver Staadt, and Marc Stamminger
IEEE VR, 2019

Approximating far regions of stereo-image pairs by a monoscopic centered view for VR.

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